Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter On The Ranch

I have been taking my camera with me lately as i work around the ranch. Just a little camera i can fit in my chore coat. I need a new one but, it has to fit in my pocket, or i wont take it with me. I do always think it is a shame that i don't capture the beauty of the Klamath basin as well as I should, because my camera just cant.

The sun rise this am was spectacular, one you stop your work and just look at and enjoy.

The ewes pasture looking east and south

From the horse pen

The pigs from September are growing fat.  Our son won "Frank P Fert" ( the pink one) at the the greased pig contest at the fair. He needed a buddy( it helps them grow faster) so our daughter got "Oscar D Meyer". I would have to say a winter pig is the way to go. You feed more to keep them warm, but the pig "mess" is so much less. Few things nastier than pig sh%^>

Frank and Oscar 

Oscar in Sept

Frank in Sept and the proud pig catcher

My mare "Pistol" got a little fat this fall. I got lazy in not bringing her in each day from graze.  As a mustang/wild horse( she was adopted at 2 after being wild and we bought her at 4) she can live practically on air. She is also as smart as they come. Not all horses or dogs are smart. Our daughter's gelding is a lovely horse and perfect for her, but he is not that smart :)

Pistol opens gates.  Feeding this week i stood and watched her makes sure i put the Pistol proof pin in the gate. Regardless, she tested the gate to make double sure.

Pistol proof pin

Just checking to make sure i put the pin in

We have had a nasty cold snap the past week. Temps around 0 for lows, and not raising above freezing all day. We get that most winters, but is not the average winter weather here. Usually it comes for a week and leaves.

I know we all are ready for it to go. Livestock and guardian dogs also consume much more food when their bodies also have to try and stay warm in extreme weather.

That kind of cold makes every ranch job tougher. My least favorite cold temp chore would have to be water tanks. Because most winters we do not have extreme cold for long, we have not had livestock tank heaters. This year we have stock in several different pasture and breaking ice is a pain.

Big ice on side of tanks

Clearing tanks is a job for a sledge hammer and a good shovel. I will say it is a good upper body work out and i tried to remind myself of that as i hacked at ice all week.

We are looking into tank heaters. It looks maybe a propane heater would work best for us. For the most part we don't have extreme winters here, not like in many parts of the country, but the elevation here is around 4,000 feet, so anything can happen.

 The ewe pasture is against Turkey hill. We had several wanted and unwanted visitors this winter. A pair of hawks is calling the ewe pasture home, and both often watch us as we feed ewes in the am. This pic in no way does the beauty justice.

 Hawk in ewe pasture.

 Another visitor has been the coyotes. The come every year of course and thanks to our livestock guard dog we have not lost an animal to them. The other morning i open the back door to let dogs out and i heard what sounded like a car alarm. I knew it was not a car alarm as nobody around here locks their car :) My sleepy brain cleared and i realized it was coyotes. It was still very dark so a grabbed a light and went to look. They stopped as soon as i used the light, but it was quite the party.

When it got light my husband went to look and found our young LGD Max at the very far end of the pasture, and he was till in a snit. Love these dogs.

Tough to see but the white lump mid pic back is a very tired Max

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The End Is Near

The end of the year, and the end of grazing season.

The lambs have been on feed for about a week. A load of lambs has been sold and another is leaving at the start of the new year. In the next few weeks a friend and fellow producer is buying some ewe lambs from us.

Lambs on hay

The ewes were moved today from a farmers alfalfa field about 1 mile away. We moved them across country, the farmers fields, and ours. They are now on about a week's worth of alfalfa stubble, and then the season will be over.

Here was the crew for today.

James In the lead

Martin. Katy and Chili

My good dog Mint is breed with pups due in Jan. She has had cabin fever something bad so she went along as well.

Mint and the ewes


The last gate and onto the 10-7 Ranch

It is always a little bitter sweet to see the grazing go. We are tired of the moving of electric fence and the worry of livestock on other farmers land in the fall, but i like that the sheep will all be back on the ranch. Hay prices in our area are about what they were last year. I know many of our fellow shepherds/ranchers across the country are not so lucky, with the many states in a severe drought this past year.

Lamb prices are not what they were last year either. This is our second year selling lambs to Niman and we are fortunate to have a buyer who is willing to pay for quality lambs.

Lambing will be moved up a month to April for 2013. We are still trying to find the exact fit for spring and summer graze as well as the best use of the alfalfa stubble in the fall.

We hope that all of our fellow farmers, ranchers and shepherds have a prosperous new year!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Hill On Turkey Day

The kids and i took a little run and hike today, up turkey hill for turkey day. Turkey hill was named back when they raised turkeys around here. I have never seen a turkey up there, but i have seen many a coyote.

We started of with a short run up the fields, collies along of course.

Then we started the hike up Turkey hill looking for coyote dens. First we crossed the irrigation ditch. When the water is in the ditch we use a lil wood bridge. Some dogs and kids used the bridge and some did not.


Then we started the hike. 

We made it to the top and were rewarded with an amazing view. To the west Mt. Shasta


And to the east, our valley.

Our lambs grazing alfalfa stubble, view from the top.

Back down we go, and big brother helps his baby sis just a little :)


We find several dens on the way back down.

Walked back down the ditch.

Found some great treasures in the fresh water shells in the sand.


Back home for some prime rib with all the fixings. A very blessed day here at the 10-7 and wishes to all of you a grand Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Silly Lambs

Today we moved the lambs to a fresh section of alfalfa stubble. In years past we kept the ewes and lambs together( after weaning) to graze the stubble. This year we are moving lambing up a month, so the bucks go in soon and ewes and lambs had to be separated.

This is a picture of before and after.

before and after

They actually left more stubble than we like, but the lambs had not seen their mothers graze this and that may have had an impact. We would have left them on for a few more days, but they wanted to bed under the irrigation mover and they were making an impact on the field. We are very careful to move water and keep and high traffic area to a minimum, so we do not harm the field i any way. Happy hay farmers are a key to next years graze!

As you can see the lambs were just moved onto a fresh piece of the pasture,but boy howdy they did not want to GO! I brought my young bitch Bracken with us. The lambs looked at that dividing line you see in the picture and they were just sure it was a trap.

Their mothers would have run us over to get to fresh graze, but lambs are......silly as hell.

The balked and spun and ran and made my wee Bracken work her heart out. A good test of a dog is to see how they work a large group of lambs, lambs that you are asking to go where they do not want to go.

A very long tongued dog later and they were across. Bracken is learning how to move a mob of lambs and each time out she is more and more efficient.

Bracken after a job well don

This field is next to a strawberry field. They grow the plants and then send them to Baja CA where they are grown to produce the fruit. Our young livestock guard dog Max seemed fascinated with the goings on in the field next door. The temp fence was not up yet and i was worried he might go over. I had this vision of large white dog running through the field of machines and workers.

Max stayed put. He will be 2 this winter and this is his first time guarding the lambs on stubble. He is a fine young dog.

Strawberry field next to lambs


At one point i looked up and the lambs have left the food above and were in the neighbors equipment yard!

I got the lambs out of here before i got camera out but this is where they were!


On the atv ride home this lovely hawk was resting in this even more lovely tree. Wish a had a good camera as it was very pretty.

Back at the ranch his buddy was on the wheel line.

Lots of hawks every year, but closer to the ranch this year.

A lovely day with fat lambs and good dogs....and SILLY lambs.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Teachers do NOT get paid enough

 Grade school.Never liked it when i was a kid. Lots of rules, most of it inside, could never figure out why little girls liked the things they did. Torture. I look back at the teachers who had to teach this sullen, disruptive kid, and i have no idea how they did it.

Thankfully, so far, both of our kids enjoy school and do well. We live in a rural area with agriculture being the mainstay of the counties economy. In a class of 25 kids 20 will be ESL. English as a second language. As if teaching kids is not tough enough, add that lil fact into the equation.

Teachers do not get paid enough.

A few years ago we volunteered in our sons kindergarten class. Just a few hours, a few days a week. I had not been in a grade school since i was in grade school. Torture. It was difficult for me to sit still that long, and the noise and general chaos made me nuts. Martin seemed to handle it all better than i did. I enjoyed getting to know the kids and the fact that we were helping them learn was very rewarding, but it took me about 15 minutes day one to come to a whole new respect for teachers.

I came home and told my friends i would rather be called to a knife fight in a biker bar than have to be trapped with 25 kids for 8 hours :)

I could not fathom being with those 5 and 6 years olds ALL DAY for 5 days a week. The women was a saint. Many of these kids could not hold a pencil and did not know their Abc's. Not only was she trapped with these wild things, but she was tasked to teach them to read!

Teachers do not get paid enough.

This year we are volunteering a few days a week in our daughters 1/2 grade class. I was so grateful when we asked to help and the teacher said the 1015am to 1100 am spot would be perfect. I can do 45 minutes!

Today was my first day. The kids in grade 1/2 seemed to have a better mastering of self control than the younger kids, but if the energy level of 25 six and seven year olds could be captured, it could easily take down a herd of rabid elephants. On a dead run.

Teachers do not get paid enough.

I do not consider myself to be a germaphobe. As a street cop for almost 20 years and now a sheep rancher, i would guess my tolerance for nasty stuff is several degrees higher than the average person. I kept telling myself that as i watched half a dozen kids cough into their hands and then handle the cards that we were sharing at the table. I kept thinking..i wonder how the teacher sits in this cold and flu infested room all day!

Teachers do not get paid enough.

When i first arrived the kids were coming in from recess and the teachers was bombarded with " she did this and he did that" The teacher swiftly dealt with the social crises and sat them down to learn. I noted that the relative carefree atmosphere of kindergarten had been replaced with the social hierarchy and drama of older kids. One little girl was crying about another lil girl being mean to her. Lets face it, most of us have enough trouble dealing with the child drama in our own house, picture dealing with 25 of somebody else's kids drama. I know for fact this drama is multiplied exponentially each year they are in school.  Shudder.

Teacher do not get paid enough.

Thanks teachers. Past, present and future. I am grateful for you all.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Middle Of Nowhere

"Just a bunch of square hay fields and sheep farms, man it all looks the same Miles and miles of back roads and highways connecting little towns with funny names Who'd wanna live down there, in the middle of nowhere?" Jason Aldean "Fly Over States"

The Malin valley

10-7 Ranch Sunrise

The Peninsula as Seen from Lil Horse mountain

Pitchfork/R.A. Byrne  Ranch

Mint fall move

The View from Lil Horse mt

First day Of Spring 10-7 Ranch 2012

 6 month Old 10-7 Ranch Lamb On Alfalfa Stubble

Pitchfork Ranch/R.A. Ranch bringing in dry cows from the range..Nellie

10-7 Ranch lambing 2011...MAY

MT Shasta