Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The End Is Near

The end of the year, and the end of grazing season.

The lambs have been on feed for about a week. A load of lambs has been sold and another is leaving at the start of the new year. In the next few weeks a friend and fellow producer is buying some ewe lambs from us.

Lambs on hay

The ewes were moved today from a farmers alfalfa field about 1 mile away. We moved them across country, the farmers fields, and ours. They are now on about a week's worth of alfalfa stubble, and then the season will be over.

Here was the crew for today.

James In the lead

Martin. Katy and Chili

My good dog Mint is breed with pups due in Jan. She has had cabin fever something bad so she went along as well.

Mint and the ewes


The last gate and onto the 10-7 Ranch

It is always a little bitter sweet to see the grazing go. We are tired of the moving of electric fence and the worry of livestock on other farmers land in the fall, but i like that the sheep will all be back on the ranch. Hay prices in our area are about what they were last year. I know many of our fellow shepherds/ranchers across the country are not so lucky, with the many states in a severe drought this past year.

Lamb prices are not what they were last year either. This is our second year selling lambs to Niman and we are fortunate to have a buyer who is willing to pay for quality lambs.

Lambing will be moved up a month to April for 2013. We are still trying to find the exact fit for spring and summer graze as well as the best use of the alfalfa stubble in the fall.

We hope that all of our fellow farmers, ranchers and shepherds have a prosperous new year!