Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Hill On Turkey Day

The kids and i took a little run and hike today, up turkey hill for turkey day. Turkey hill was named back when they raised turkeys around here. I have never seen a turkey up there, but i have seen many a coyote.

We started of with a short run up the fields, collies along of course.

Then we started the hike up Turkey hill looking for coyote dens. First we crossed the irrigation ditch. When the water is in the ditch we use a lil wood bridge. Some dogs and kids used the bridge and some did not.


Then we started the hike. 

We made it to the top and were rewarded with an amazing view. To the west Mt. Shasta


And to the east, our valley.

Our lambs grazing alfalfa stubble, view from the top.

Back down we go, and big brother helps his baby sis just a little :)


We find several dens on the way back down.

Walked back down the ditch.

Found some great treasures in the fresh water shells in the sand.


Back home for some prime rib with all the fixings. A very blessed day here at the 10-7 and wishes to all of you a grand Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Silly Lambs

Today we moved the lambs to a fresh section of alfalfa stubble. In years past we kept the ewes and lambs together( after weaning) to graze the stubble. This year we are moving lambing up a month, so the bucks go in soon and ewes and lambs had to be separated.

This is a picture of before and after.

before and after

They actually left more stubble than we like, but the lambs had not seen their mothers graze this and that may have had an impact. We would have left them on for a few more days, but they wanted to bed under the irrigation mover and they were making an impact on the field. We are very careful to move water and keep and high traffic area to a minimum, so we do not harm the field i any way. Happy hay farmers are a key to next years graze!

As you can see the lambs were just moved onto a fresh piece of the pasture,but boy howdy they did not want to GO! I brought my young bitch Bracken with us. The lambs looked at that dividing line you see in the picture and they were just sure it was a trap.

Their mothers would have run us over to get to fresh graze, but lambs are......silly as hell.

The balked and spun and ran and made my wee Bracken work her heart out. A good test of a dog is to see how they work a large group of lambs, lambs that you are asking to go where they do not want to go.

A very long tongued dog later and they were across. Bracken is learning how to move a mob of lambs and each time out she is more and more efficient.

Bracken after a job well don

This field is next to a strawberry field. They grow the plants and then send them to Baja CA where they are grown to produce the fruit. Our young livestock guard dog Max seemed fascinated with the goings on in the field next door. The temp fence was not up yet and i was worried he might go over. I had this vision of large white dog running through the field of machines and workers.

Max stayed put. He will be 2 this winter and this is his first time guarding the lambs on stubble. He is a fine young dog.

Strawberry field next to lambs


At one point i looked up and the lambs have left the food above and were in the neighbors equipment yard!

I got the lambs out of here before i got camera out but this is where they were!


On the atv ride home this lovely hawk was resting in this even more lovely tree. Wish a had a good camera as it was very pretty.

Back at the ranch his buddy was on the wheel line.

Lots of hawks every year, but closer to the ranch this year.

A lovely day with fat lambs and good dogs....and SILLY lambs.