Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Teachers do NOT get paid enough

 Grade school.Never liked it when i was a kid. Lots of rules, most of it inside, could never figure out why little girls liked the things they did. Torture. I look back at the teachers who had to teach this sullen, disruptive kid, and i have no idea how they did it.

Thankfully, so far, both of our kids enjoy school and do well. We live in a rural area with agriculture being the mainstay of the counties economy. In a class of 25 kids 20 will be ESL. English as a second language. As if teaching kids is not tough enough, add that lil fact into the equation.

Teachers do not get paid enough.

A few years ago we volunteered in our sons kindergarten class. Just a few hours, a few days a week. I had not been in a grade school since i was in grade school. Torture. It was difficult for me to sit still that long, and the noise and general chaos made me nuts. Martin seemed to handle it all better than i did. I enjoyed getting to know the kids and the fact that we were helping them learn was very rewarding, but it took me about 15 minutes day one to come to a whole new respect for teachers.

I came home and told my friends i would rather be called to a knife fight in a biker bar than have to be trapped with 25 kids for 8 hours :)

I could not fathom being with those 5 and 6 years olds ALL DAY for 5 days a week. The women was a saint. Many of these kids could not hold a pencil and did not know their Abc's. Not only was she trapped with these wild things, but she was tasked to teach them to read!

Teachers do not get paid enough.

This year we are volunteering a few days a week in our daughters 1/2 grade class. I was so grateful when we asked to help and the teacher said the 1015am to 1100 am spot would be perfect. I can do 45 minutes!

Today was my first day. The kids in grade 1/2 seemed to have a better mastering of self control than the younger kids, but if the energy level of 25 six and seven year olds could be captured, it could easily take down a herd of rabid elephants. On a dead run.

Teachers do not get paid enough.

I do not consider myself to be a germaphobe. As a street cop for almost 20 years and now a sheep rancher, i would guess my tolerance for nasty stuff is several degrees higher than the average person. I kept telling myself that as i watched half a dozen kids cough into their hands and then handle the cards that we were sharing at the table. I kept thinking..i wonder how the teacher sits in this cold and flu infested room all day!

Teachers do not get paid enough.

When i first arrived the kids were coming in from recess and the teachers was bombarded with " she did this and he did that" The teacher swiftly dealt with the social crises and sat them down to learn. I noted that the relative carefree atmosphere of kindergarten had been replaced with the social hierarchy and drama of older kids. One little girl was crying about another lil girl being mean to her. Lets face it, most of us have enough trouble dealing with the child drama in our own house, picture dealing with 25 of somebody else's kids drama. I know for fact this drama is multiplied exponentially each year they are in school.  Shudder.

Teacher do not get paid enough.

Thanks teachers. Past, present and future. I am grateful for you all.