Saturday, July 21, 2012

Middle Of Nowhere

"Just a bunch of square hay fields and sheep farms, man it all looks the same Miles and miles of back roads and highways connecting little towns with funny names Who'd wanna live down there, in the middle of nowhere?" Jason Aldean "Fly Over States"

The Malin valley

10-7 Ranch Sunrise

The Peninsula as Seen from Lil Horse mountain

Pitchfork/R.A. Byrne  Ranch

Mint fall move

The View from Lil Horse mt

First day Of Spring 10-7 Ranch 2012

 6 month Old 10-7 Ranch Lamb On Alfalfa Stubble

Pitchfork Ranch/R.A. Ranch bringing in dry cows from the range..Nellie

10-7 Ranch lambing 2011...MAY

MT Shasta