Saturday, June 9, 2012


Never been a fan of them.

I have always lived by the creed that it is better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.

If you tell our son that he is not allowed to cross a certain line he will immediately run across the line. Then he will pretend he was not sure what line you were speaking of. Only when approached with bodily harm will he cross back over the line and say "ohhhh this line?" " I didn't know!"

I am quite certain he is the pay back my parents were speaking of through my childhood and into my late teens.

Then there is our daughter. She loves rules. Never meet a rule she did not embrace and want the whole world to embrace too.

If you forget the rules, Katy will remind you, and i don't mean gently.

A few weeks ago we were driving through the pasture checking the sheep for new lambs. We were on the atv. I was showing Katy how to look for ewes that were about to lamb, and what to look for in a sick ewe or lamb. Katy loves to learn and she always want to go do anything on the ranch that involves the animals.

Katy looked down at this sticker and said in a very loud voice "Mommy you see that picture we don't have on a helmet!"

I agreed we did not have a helmet and i could feel my good mommy sticker peeling off my card.

Not be distracted Katy said "and mommy we are ridding TWO people on here!"

I agreed we were and pointed out we also had a dog on the atv... so that was probably some double rule violation.

Katy had to think a little about the next picture but finally she said " and we crossed our road to get to the pasture"

At this point i was thinking she was going to ask for my phone so she could call child protective services and asked them to come get her.

That is when i looked at the sticker and saw the last "rule."

But Katy look we are NOT shooting heroin! I think if you have to pick a rule to follow that is a VERY good one indeed!

Katy was silent. She pursed her lips and finally said " AND we are not drinking booze either!"

Excellent! Right you are Kate, we are not shooting heroin OR drinking booze!

No need to call child protective today.

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  1. Okay this is funny! I'm really glad you are not shooting heroin, too! Thanks for the morning laugh!