Saturday, May 12, 2012

Can i touch um?

This year we have over 100 yearling to lamb. I have many of them in the closet pasture to the house.

We have had a LOT of triplets this year and 4 sets of quads with less than 1/4 of the ewes lambed out.  Even the quads are even and good sized.

We leave ewes and lambs in the pasture to lamb,  but with so many multiplies this year we have jugged the trips for a day and then put them in a mixing pen for a few days before they are turned back out to pasture.

This am i turned about 6 sets of trips into the pasture with the yearlings. They will go back out with the ewes in a few days and more trips will come.

The best work to describe a yearling is "twit."  They are curious and silly and all over the place. Think teenage girl.

When i let the trips about 40 yearling RAN up to see what was going on. They surrounding the ewes kicking their feet and swinging their heads from side to side. 

The conversation appeared to go something like this.

Yearling 1 " OMG is that THREE lambs gf?" I mean you looked offense.. but three lambs!!"  " Can i touch um?"

Yearling 2 " That figure is soooooo not coming back i hope i just have one lamb!" Can i touch um?"

Yearling 3 " ohhhhhh girlfriend your teats are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BIG...i mean those are not going to spring back if you know what i mean" " Can i touch um?"

yearling 4 "those rams were hot but a girl should know when to say enough" " can i touch um?"

yearling 5 " did it hurt? cuz i did not sign up for a lot of pain" " can i touch um?"

yearling 6 " is that blood on your bag? ohhh i feel sick" " can i touch um?"

yearling 7 " what was that lamby bus they put you in? i mean that was so gross and it was a short bus." can i touch um?'

ewe and her quads

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