Monday, January 16, 2012

Work Part II.. Winter

This summer i posted a pic of our son James and his friend Colten. These boys worked in the sheep pens in 90 deg heat and dust for two days. The did not complain and at the end of the weekend they both wanted to know when they could help again.

This weekend Geri Byrne had a small benefit trial for the 2012 USBCHA Sheepdog finals. The sheep finals will be in the Klamath basin this year.  These boys will be there to help at the finals along with our daughter Katy.

The weather was cold and windy and with the wind chill it must have been zero deg. These boys helped in the pens for hours.

I hope to get these young men working a dog soon so they can set sheep at trials :) If they want to trial i suspect we all might want to worry in a few years!

I love the fact you can see the dog in the background. This pic kind of explains the priorities in my life right now. Kids in front, sheep next and then the dogs( thou we need them to make a living and provide food for kids and sheep) important, but in the background :)

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