Thursday, January 26, 2012

All Cleaned up

My friend Kristi Oikawa helped me spruce up some of my ranch pics. I do not know what she did, but she said it was just a little "lipstick" to tidy them up :) Click on the pic to see them better.

This first picture was taken a last fall as we got ready to trail the sheep home from stubble. I just love the sheep and hills in the back, and Mint's stance says "ready for work!"

This picture was taken last fall too. This is one of our LGD "Max." This was taken shortly after we got him, and he is with some fall ewe lambs. Love the look on his face.

This  third picture was taken this week. It is of my young dog Bracken. She is learning to drive and these are replacement ewe lambs. This was taken in our back pasture and i love these hills. I also love the subtle lean of Brack's body as she controls the lead left hand lamb.


This last picture is the only one i did not take. This was taken by Bonnie Block. It is of my dog Mint. This picture sums up Mint so well. " I am coming to work so step lively!"

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