Thursday, December 1, 2011

Climb N Run

I did not take a camera today and i should have.  We moved sheep about a 1/4 a mile to a new graze. We came out of the fields and the sheep stalled some getting on the dirt road that went around the farmers house and barn.

When grazing other farmers land you want to keep the sheep out of his yard, and also keep them from eating any high end hay from his hay barns.

I was keeping  my dog to the yard side while Marty started the sheep to turn into a hay field and keep them off of a newly planted grain field. Happy farmers keep calling back each year.

There was a very large pile of compost along the dirt road. The farmer was going to put in on the new seeding alfalfa pasture after we grazed it.

There was no reason for the sheep to go close to the dirt. I got distracted for a second and about 200 lambs( just some of the lambs i guess the ewes knew better) were ON the compost pile having some sort of lamb race! I actually screamed " GET OFF OF THERE!"  Crazy lady. Then i sent Mint up and off the came. It would have been a great picture.

The compost pile was OK, but i wonder if the farmer stopped and wondered what all the tracks all over it were :)

We got the the field and we had already set up most of the fence. I had to take Marty back to his truck so he could get the rest of the 4 wire set up.  This was an 40 acre field will all the same good food evenly throughout the field. Only 1/4 of the field was fenced, we will fence the  rest as they finish eating the first piece down.   In a new field sheep often go on a walk about to check it all out. No idea why, you would think they would just eat. 

Knowing this, i sat for a while and had the dog put the sheep in the closest fenced corner. They seemed to be eating so i took Marty to his truck. I was gone less than 5 min. When i got back the sheep were all at the far end of the field with about 1/4 of them in farm house yard.

I sent Mint and she went out to the end of the field. Thank goodness i have a good bend out. I stopped her and gave her a bend. I saw her look around and see that she had to go out and around the house to get the sheep. She did, and back they came.

This weekend we are bringing sheep home to pull lambs out and put the bucks in with the ewes. I will take a camera and nothing "fun" will happen.