Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear Deer

Dear Deer, i run up through the alfalfa fields and onto the ditch road around the same time most every day. I am the rather slow moving gal with the pack of dogs.

 Each day we see you happily munching our fall sheep food.

Each time you see us you freeze.  You seem to hope we wont keep coming up the same path we always take. You wait until the pack of hounds is very close before you make a mad rush in front of us, over the fence, then into the ditch and up turkey hill.

I have a tip. If don't enjoy the crazed frenzy of dogs chasing your food stealing hineys up the hill..then take off when you first see us!!!! This will leave me to my peaceful run, without the screeching i must do to stop the pack from chasing you to the next county. OK mostly it is Nellie, but she really hates you.

Last year when you decided to play a game of chicken and come up out of the subbing ditch at the same time we ran down the ditch road was not cool! There were deer and dogs all over hell and gone.

Another is hunting season and you may want to not stand out in the middle of the hay fields for the next few weeks.


Lana and the pack