Monday, August 15, 2011

Wiley Wapati

I went out to irrigate this am and i noticed as i went by my sheep that they were all standing up, and my LGD was barking. My sheep are usually bedded down that time of the morning, and the dog seem upset. I thought maybe a coyote was out, so i started to look as i approached the end of the pasture.

Many morning i see bald eagles, hawks, and quail. Last week i was irrigating and saw a big buck deer in velvet, he walked out across the field in front of me, and he was in no hurry. We have lots of deer, but i do enjoy looking for the nice bucks.  The dogs some times see the coyotoes before i do, and i have to watch or they will chase both the deer and coyotes.

  At the end of our pasture land is some dry land that is at the base of tukey hill. It was no deer or yote that the LGD saw. This is what i saw runing around in the dry land. A wiley wapati( as my master elk hunter and old hunting guide dad would say) AKA an Elk! A 4 point point bull elk, to be exact. 

 We do not see elk down here in the farm land. You can find elk if you go 60 miles in most any direction as the crow flies, but to see them in the farm land is very rare.  The elk must have come through an open gate, as he was frantic, and could not figure out how to jump over the fence.  It was 645am, but i knew i HAD to call somebody and tell them.

Now most farmers and ranchers are awake at 645am, but this time of year many were up baling hay at 2am. I called four of my neighbors anyway :) I then drove the ATV back to the house as fast as could so i could get my camera. I just knew if i did not have a picture then some of these old boys would think maybe i did not know an elk when i saw one. I grew up in Montana and have shot elk, but they might not know that :)

I had Mint come up on the atv as soon as i saw the elk. When i went back with the camera the elk was still there pacing the fence line. As i got off the atv to get a better picture the elk finally went over the fence, and headed up and over turkey hill. It was a real treat seeing this majestic beast, and he was only about 50 yards away.

You know that you live in a rural area/small town when an hour after you make a few calls the road in front of your house looking up the hill looks like this.  The road has been full of trucks and farm equpiment driving by VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYY slowly all day :)

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