Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Handsome boy kell and he can cover ground with these legs!
The working dogs got shaved this week.  We always do the older dogs, but this year i had Kell and Nellie done too.  I never could get a shot of Blue he is such a clown, and Kell was too embarassed to stand still :) Kell is built like a greyhound.

The smooth coats( Mint, Chili and Star) could not figure out what the fuss was about, but they were very suspicious of the new dogs :) Poor Bracken is the only dog with a long coat..may need to get her done next week...

Good things looks don't matter when you are a working dog!

Duster says "woaaa dude E A R S
Note Blue clowning on his back behind the girls

 Nellie "You lookin at me?"

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