Friday, July 1, 2011

Mother And Daughter

I am starting to train the bitch pup i kept from my Mint X Rye litter. Bracken is 13 months old today, she was rested for a few months with a sore knee, then she was in heat and we were lambing.

I have put a few days of training on her this week, and i love what i see. Tonight i took her up to work 50 or so fresh fall lambs. It was a little over her head art first, but she got the hang of it. She is a thinker.

Mama Mint brings the girls up

Bracken  in the dust

Bracken brought the lambs down from the rise and they turned to look at her. She was a little surprised, but she paused and then brought them down. Funny the sheep knew it was not Mint.

I like to let the pup learn from the sheep when i can. I want them to know their job very early in our training. To me their job is to bring me sheep. I don't put many commands on them, and i like to see how they can figure things out. 

I don't push young dogs out and i don't worry about pace much. I do like a larger group of sheep for a pushy dog. That is a great way to let the sheep teach the dog.

Bracken has less tension than her mother, but very much wants to control the head( like her mom and dad and a trait i have to have in a dog). She has nice flanks and i predict will be a natural outrunning dog like her dad. 

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  1. Nice Post...I hope you will write more about bringing up Bracken as time goes on...would be an interesting series !