Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fat Bastards

Growing up my grandmother Williams was not a fan of cussing, and she had zero tolerance for it.  One day i saw her kill a spider( she hated bugs in her house, or dirt for that matter) and say "you little bastard!"

I was shocked, and immediatly pointed out( i was a cheecky kid)  that she was using a bad word.

My grandmother explained that bugs did not know whom their fathers were, therfore, they were true bastards. I went home and tried the word out on a bug in front of my mom....she did not seem to share my grandmothers logic :)

Last year my daughter Katy and i were driving through the sheep looking at lambs. Katy( then 4) pointed to a big lamb and said "that one is a fat bastard mom!" Now all fat lambs on our ranch are fat bastards. Grandmother Peggy would approve.

This year the grass has not been what it should be, with a very cold wet spring, and a new seeding that failed to come in. The ewes have been pushed, and have only this week had good graze. Our sheep are grass only, and these lambs will be finished on grass and alfalfa stubble.

This is our first year using Janet McNally's bucks, and i can say that  coupled with our Hamilton ewes good genetics, these lambs are shaping up nicely.  After a very stressful spring, fat bastards due my heart good.

Pics are all of May born lambs.