Thursday, June 16, 2011

State Of Jefferson Last Chance Sheepdog Trial July 30th and 31st

State Of Jefferson Last Chance Sheepdog Trial(USBCHA sanctioned OSDS pending)
Exact location TBA but in or around Tule Lake/Malin ( depends on hay cutting)
Date July 30th and July 31st
Judge Mike Hubbard
Sheep 10-7 Ranch fall replacement lambs( undogged and wiley)
$30 entry all runs. No pay back all proceeds go to 2012 USBCHA sheep finals
Camping on site no food service
This will be a very low key fun trial please being your happy faces :)

Entry out soon contact Lana Rowley 541-274-1113
Entries Open until day of or we fill which ever comes first

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