Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thanks Kids and Gpa

 We have been busy lambing and our kids have really stepped up to help. James is 7 and Katy is 5, and they have been helping around the ranch since they were able to walk.

Katy and Duster ready for work!

The pasture that we seeded several weeks ago is taking it's sweet time coming up( cold weather has played a part), so they ewes are lambing in an area much smaller than we would like. That is making some extra work.  We waited to plant this spring instead of last fall, as we were not sure if we would have irrigation water. We did not want to tear up the old field if we were not going to have water again this year.

Anticipation is making us wait!

The new seeding requires that the irrigation be moved every 3 hours. Just when you start doing something it is time to move water.  The subbing irrigation ditch is starting to rise, and the culverts need to be kept clear, or they will flood the field.  The ditches were not used last year due to no irrigation water, and this is causing much of the problem.

Marty supervises the Job

James works the shovel

With this extra work the past few days we often come in and get the kids up, then they are on their own to get breakfast and get their chores done.  Today James moved the wheel line, so his dad could re attach the sections of wheel that are dropped as it is moved across the irregular shaped field.  Katy drove the atv while i tagged lambs. James also helped his dad clear ditch culverts. The kids LOVE to help pull lambs. I will get the lamb most of the way out, and the let the kids finish it.

A few years ago i came home from town and James came running up to meet me as i got out of the truck. He had blood on one arm past his elbow. James could not wait to tell me how he held a prolapsed uterus in place while his dad fitted the prolapse harness. Happy to see not one prolapse yet this year, but it is good to have a 1st grader with skills!

Both kids found ways to entertain themselves for hours while we worked. My dad was here for a week from Montana and that was an Incerdible help to us. Gpa took the early shift to check for lambs, dug culverts, and chaffauerd kids to school and baseball.  He will be missed this week!

Marty and the kids wanted to keep some bummer lambs this year. Most years we sell bummer at a few days. In the rural area were we live there is not much of a market for selling bummer lambs, even with record high lamb prices. I have always thought that you can not make money on bummers with the price of milk replacer as high as it is, but this year may be the exception.

Please mom we will feed them!

We are over half through lambing, and as with each year i was happpy to see it come....and i will be happy to see it end!

Looking forward to having lambing BEHIND us :)


  1. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

  2. What wonderful kids you have Lana, you must be very, very proud of them, I know I am and I don't even know them!!! Hope to meet you at a trial soon!!

  3. little hands come in (cough) handy at times! So happy your able to share your dreams with your children. How lucky they are to have you two for parents. Great photographs as always Lana. Thanks for letting us take a peek at the going on at 10-7 Ranch