Thursday, May 19, 2011

That Just Happens Sometimes..Enjoy The Rainbows

 Rain rain go away! I have that little ditty running through my head the past few days. I think it may mean your are obsessive if you check the weather 40 times a day, AND check several different sites looking for better news.

When i lived on the other side of the mountain and the weather man said "thunderstorms" i would know that usually meant.... cow pissing on a flat rock all out rain. On this side of the hill, it normally means a shower or two.

The past 2 nights right after the sun has gone done, the temp has plummeted to the high 30s and it has dumped a 1/2 inch of rain in 30 min.  To say the least this is not ideal newborn lamb weather.  It has produced some very pretty rainbows. Our kids loved the rainbows, but i admit i did not give them more than a passing glance.

There was some sun in the late afternoon, and i tried to soak it all in. We opened up some dry land for the ewes, and when i went to check on them i just sat and the hill and enjoyed the sun. Marty came up to see what i was doing and i made him sit with me too.

Earlier in the day Katy came to helped me check the back pasture.  When i left to get Katy at school I had seen a first time ewe who was having some trouble, and i wanted to see if she had lambed.  I decided to leg crook the ewe and pull the lamb.

Katy waited on the atv while my dog Nellie and i caught the ewe. Then Katy sprinted out to us with the gambrel. The grambrel is used to hold the ewe down so she can't get away.  If you lamb and don't have one... you need one!

After getting the gambrel on the ewe Katy took up postion at her head to help "hold" her.  While i worked in getting the lamb out, Katy had a running dialouge with the ewe " it is ok mommy we will help you, i know it hurts." After much work i got the monster lamb out, but sadly the lamb was dead.

I was cursing this and Katy was telling the ewe how sorry she was that her baby was dead, " you are a good mom your baby was just too big." I have noticed this year Katy is very into noting who is a "good mom" and who is a "bad mom."  Each time a lamb dies Katy will give her assessment on who was at fault in the lambs death. IE weather, bad mom, or "that just happens sometimes mom."  When the kids do something that is an accident like spill milk or pee the bed we always say..that just happens sometimes... As in nobody is at fault.

Well Katy this has been a "that just happens sometimes" kinda lambing and that is just ranching.... with more thunder showers in the forecast i guess i will  try and enjoy the rainbows.

Photo by Liz Hubbard 5/18/2011 Hubbard Ranch Bonanza Oregon

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  1. Gotta love...."cow pissing on a flat rock." I got the giggles. Take time to enjoy the rainbows :0) Suzanne