Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day #102

This am i found one of my old Cheviot ewes with a dead lamb. The lamb was huge, and she she must have labored a long time, as the lambs head was very swollen.  The lamb had been dead a while, but the ewe was  still very dispondent.

Old #102 is a familiar ewe to me as she is very tough on dogs, and will attack them if they get close to her. I have cussed her more than once. The only dog i have that she wont at least challenge, is Kell.

We had an orphan lamb that i could not figure out who her mother was. She was surivng by stealing food here and there from several ewes.  It has been too busy the past few days to deal with her.

Today Marty and my dad skinned #102's dead lamb and tied the skin to the orphan. #102 took to her right away without being put in a stanchion or tied.

A happy mothers day for an old grizzled dog warrior.