Friday, May 6, 2011

Little Shepherds and Big Shepherds

Lambing has started. As usual a Cheviot ewe started things off, having her lambs a few days early.  We have had a trickle of lambs and yesterday, and on the first "official" day of lambing, we had 7 nice sets of twins. Lambing should peak in about 8-10 days, and most all ewes with be lambed out in 18 days. There will be a trickle of lambs after that.

I was checking for lambs yesterday and saw that a ewe had just lambed. I figured she would have another so i went to the house to see if our daughter Katy wanted to see the other lamb born.  Katy is our animal lover and never gets tired of helping with the animals. Son James was already at school.

We sat down on an irrigation pipe and waited. The sun was out and the irrigation sprinklers serenaded us with their "chchchcchshhhh."  Katy gave me a running commentary of the birth.  Katy is 5, but as a ranch kid she has a very specific knowledge of where lambs come from, and how the come out :) Katy explained to me how the lambs got into the ewe, and how, and where, they would come out. She may not have used all the correct words, but she had her facts down pat!

It did not take long and the new lamb joined her twin.  I enjoy watching the lambs being born, and even more so when i can share that joy with my kids. This is  my 13th year( 10 with Marty) lambing, and i hope i never loose that feeling.  

The young shepherd waits