Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grass Dirt Dogs and Work

Just a short move from the winter feed area down to the corrals to sort sheep and put them out to graze. The dogs were used to keep the ewes from going onto the newly planted field, and to load the corrals. The the older ewes were taken back across the road to their lambing paddock, and the younger ewes were kept in the back pasture.

Moving the sheep from the winter feed area

The view from Mints perspective

The grass does not look this good in real life, but i got down at eye level and i must say the sun we had one day this week has helped.

Ella says these are MY SHEEP
The wind was howling and Ella was sound alseep. I said her name and she was NOT  amused at the surprise. I was hoping to take the leash off that i put on her for the move, but she was in no mood.

Newly planted grass field should like grass soon...
This looks like dirt, but i sure hope it looks like grass soon

Alfalfa root and why it is so hard to kill the stuff and plant something else
 Alfalfa is almost impossible to kill...even when you try. This root shows why.

Most of the lambs will lamb in the pasture will no assistance, we try and band and tag the lambs in the first 12 hours.  The lambie bus( pulled by an atv) is used if for any reason a ewe and her lambs need to be brought into the barn  Usually this is because the ewe has decided she does not want to be a mom and needs to be put into a stanchion( so she cant bump her lambs off and they can eat) until her maternal instincts kick in. Martin and i have a pretty good timing where i use the dog to hold the ewe and he snags her leg with a leg crook. I am sure a video of this would be ammusing as some ewes weigh a lot and things dont always go as planned. Some times i laugh so hard i cant stand up :)

Lambie Bus

This flawless sheep move brought to you by Duster and Mint