Thursday, March 10, 2011

Max's Big Adventure

The new guy aka Max

The teachers aka spring replacement ewe lambs

Ella aka the senior livestock guard dog LGD
 Today was a big day for our new LGD Maximus. He has been in a small pen for the past 3 weeeks with a handful of ewe lambs.  This was to allow him settle into his new home after coming from his litter mates/mother and the sheep he was with there.

Our other LGD Ella was up in the dry land( 1 mile away) with the majority of the flock.

I let Max out this am and into the back pasture with the rest of the spring ewe lambs. These lambs are not breed, while the fall ewe lambs are.  Max immediately ran into the group of sheep. At first the sheep trotted off, but soon several turned and faced Max. I watched as he was knocked down a few times, and he just sat in his sheep looking a little confused and overwhelmed.

Soon the sheep began to eat and Max was walking among them.  I then brought Ella down to the pasture. Ella was not that interested in the pup, and went about checking out the sheep. Max barked and retreated away from the sheep.

If Ella tried to walk to the pup he would run a little ways off and then stop. Ella soon tired of the game and went to check the perimeter of the pasture.  When Ella left the sheep Max went straight back to his sheep.  I was very happy with the fact Max was going to his sheep for comfort.

I like the back pasture as i can check on the dogs thru the day. Max spent some time away from his sheep looking forlorn, but he came back to them.  Ella made more attempts to get close to Max, but Max was just not ready for that. This afternoon they had settled for eyeing each other from opposite sides of the sheep.

Ella will go back to her flock and the two will meet up again later when Max is big enough to take up to the dry land.  Training/guiding a new LGD is not easy, but it can be very rewarding.

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