Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Best Day Ever.

Love that smile Martin
March 1st 2003, or as i like to call it, the best day ever.  I remember the day very well.  This is a sappy post and not about dogs, sheep or ranching.  If you don't like to hear a women gush about her wedding and her husband... please STOP here!

We decided to get married in March, that was before lambing and trial season started. My mother thought i was joking when i told her that is why we picked March, but i wasn't. We got married in western Oregon and that time of year you can just put money down that it will be wet, wet and wetter.  When we looked at the place to have our reception the gal showing us the place kept talking about the great mountain views. I thought for sure we would not have any views as it would be raining!

The am of the wedding a friend came to the farm to do my bridesmaids and my hair and makeup. We had had some rain the day before, but the sun was out and it was a beautiful crisp sping day. The mountains were all glorious.  My mother told me that day that i was the most relaxed bride she had ever seen. My mom is a pro musician who plays for weddings, so she has seen a LOT of brides. I am a very intense person so it was funny that i was so relaxed on such a big day.


I remember being so happy, and so sure about the day that nothing could make me nervous. I have a fav pic from that day.  My girfriends hubby Brian Lincon( an amazing pro photographer)   took our wedding pics and he got so many great shots.  This pic was taken after my hair and makeup were done and before we left for the church to get dressed. I was out walking my dogs around the farm, and this picture captures that happy, relaxed and reflective feeling that i had that day.  Martin used to have this up in his office, and it is his fav pic.

The day was perfect, at the end of it i wanted to press re wind and have the day all over again.  My dad walked me down the isle, my brother played the organ and my mother sang. Martin's brother Tim and my brother Richard did the readings. My dog Blue was my something "blue" and he had the rings in a satin box around his neck. My 2 God sons Charles and Nicolas walked Blue down the isle and i took the rings, then Blue gave me a kiss and they walked him back.

Martin surprised me with a stretch truck to take the gals and i to chuch

Blue and my God sons

This is the first anniversary we have not spent together.  Not that big of a deal, as with 2 small kids and a ranch to run, we usually do something very low key.  I am missing my man, so the trip down memory lane on this blog is making me happy.

One of the things i love most about Martin is the fact he is so cool under pressure and he always knows what to do. Shots fired, broken bones, priest passes out in mass, my friends call with all sorts of animal and vehicle crises.... and thru it all Marty always knows what to do.   He can fix it, or build it, and if he does not know how he has a wonderful curious mind that always pushes to figure it out. He is one of the good guys, always ready to help a friend or neighbor. I love that about him.

Easy on the eyes too :)

 There is a line in a song that goes " i am not easy to live with i know its true, you're no picnic either baby that is one of the things i love about you. " We have packed a lot into 8 years and it has been one hell of a ride.  Marty is my biggest fan and that is something i have grown to appreciate as we navigate these challenges of our life. Two type A people.... it has not always been easy, but it has been an adventure! Happy Anniversary Slim.... I love you.


  1. What a nice post. I am so glad you have found a good mate and are so happy!

  2. Love you guys. What a wonderful family. Happy, happy anniversary.

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a great story. ;-) Here's to many more.

  4. Happy Anniversary, Lana and Marty.

  5. Happy Anniversary friends! I loved the post, it made my eyes watery, I told you I was a big baby. You are amazing as individuals, but so truly remarkable as a couple. I am glad to have connected with you guys in this life..

  6. I loved reliving the day with you. Your family is very special.

  7. Happy anniversary! Love your story & great pix. You are a great couple!

  8. What a wonderful post about two wonderful people. Enjoy every day together. Today (3/1) is also our "almost" anniversary so we also celebrate with you!

  9. Lana, What a great tribute to your man , your marriage.
    I feel the same about mine. Aren't we lucky ?
    : ^ )

  10. What a great post! Thanks for the peek into your *other* life. Happy Anniversary!

  11. Just read this and loved it - what a great couple and what a great life!