Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 National Sheepdog Finals Blog

I am sure most who read these blogs are aware of this link, but for my family and ranch friends who don't follow all the dog news here it is

I was asked to write about what i was doing to prepare for the 2011 sheepdog finals, so i wrote a short article. Thou I am very proud of Kell's current 11th place ranking in USBCHA open points, I don't think i fit into the blogs "top competitors from all over North America" but i was very flattered to have been asked. I suspect the fact i will write when asked had something to do with the nod :)

Also check out the USBCHA site for the finals at and make sure you watch the promo video, which was very well done.

Kell ran very well at Zamora with 2 perfect outruns on the big tricky hill. He seems to be feeling good again and listening well.  Nellie did not run well at Heppner the first day, but the second day i was very happy with her.  I still cant seem to get ahold of the lil twit like i want to at the top.

Life gets busy now with shearing next week, James wrestling ending, Katy and James baseball starting.... and of course lambing in late April and May.  When spring really does come we will be getting rid of the old alfalfa and planting a grass/clover mix we like called Sucra grass. The other fields will all need to be harrowed here soon as well.

Right now it is snowing and blowing and i keep checking different weather forecasts hoping for better weather to shear next week! If the weather does not break  we will have to tag now and shear after we lamb. We have never had to do that, and i hate change!

Max and his yearlings and ohh yes spring time


  1. Humble with talent too!Rare combo , girl.

  2. Thanks Michele :) I think the dogs have a lot of talent i am very average but i work hard!

  3. What a great picture and congratulations on the write up. Suzanne