Sunday, February 6, 2011

wide open spaces

Today a  group of us gals trailered sheep, dogs and ATV's out to the range land.  Big outruns (650 yards) and lots of sun shine made for a nice day.

This is looking to the west.


Mint Taking the sheep up to set out.

The set out is up on the saddle of the hill.

View from the top look to the bottom far left for the
trailers and dogs


view to the south


Mt Shasta to the south west

A recliner rock i sat in while i set sheep

Kell cools off after his turn...big dog little tub

The peanut gallery waits their turn. Mint and Nellie

View to the east i love these rimrocks

I hate to get excited as we have not had enough winter but this looks like green grass :)

Good friends, good dogs, and the wide open spaces = a blessed day


  1. Thanks for sharing your little bit of heaven with the rest of us. It always makes me feel closer to my roots.

  2. Pat i thought of u as i took the pics i knew u wud love them :)

    Thanks Monique i do feel blessed.

  3. Nice chair....and really CLASSY dog tie out. I think you might consider getting one of those for yourself...with the truck attached of course! Another slice of Heaven......

  4. You all are very, very fortunate! ;-) (but you knew that...)

  5. Thanks Billy i do feel blessed