Friday, February 25, 2011

Tools For Winter

The cold and snow are back. We need the snow, but i confess the cold is a real drag.

I took my camera to feed today and took some pics of a few things we could not do without during these cold winter days, when the most important job is feeding the stock.

Most important is the hay grapple. This is a new tool this fall and it may be the most handy piece of equipment we have ever purchased. The gapple picks up the 120lb-140lb hay bales( 4-6 of them at a time) so we don't have to wrestle them by hand. As i weigh about the same amount as the heavy bales i look like a monkey f.. a football when i have to hand load them. Not fun.

 Next up is a good Border Collie. As i explained in the dry land post we use the collies to keep the sheep away from the fence as we drop the feed down. The less hay in the fine wool sheep's wool the better.

We have to use livestock guardian dogs(LGD) to keep the coyotes from eating the sheep. This is Ella.

A very sharp knife is always needed

This is the new LGD who is starting his training. He has his own small group of sheep, and his name is Maximus aka Max aka Maxie

This pic was taken this fall as we were moving some sheep home from some fall graze a few miles from our ranch.  This is Mint, and may be one of my fav pics. I can just see her contemplating her job as she waits for me to get started.


Each year for Christmas we give a cut and wrapped lamb to my folks, and to my brother and sis in law. This is a wonderful pic of a 10-7 Ranch rack of lamb, expertly prepared by my brother Richard. This pic makes my mouth water and would not be possible without the above listed "tools".

Martin was not with me this am but i think this look on Nellie's face sums up what he usually says/thinks when i am taking pics and not working "put the camera away and lets get to work!"