Tuesday, February 8, 2011

pup video Bracken and Gin 8 months

Elizabeth Baker was kind enough to take some video last Sunday of the Mint X Rye pups. The video was taken at Geri's house on some puppy sheep, and then on a small flock of lambs and ewes.  The pups are 8 months old and have both been on stock 3 or 4 times. I don't start pups early as a general rule, but i like to take them for a spin when they are young. Bracken is the female pup i kept, and Gin is Elizabeth's pick.

I think both pups work quite similar, with Gin being more thoughtful. I don't like to see too much caution at this age and want a pup to be rearing to go. One thing i liked about both pups was the more they worked the more thoughtful the became. I saw both pups stop and think.Both pups pulled the stock off of the fence which i loved to see. I also love that they are both mad keen to work.  

 The other pup i kept is a male named Star. He is a little more immature than the girls, but also very keen. I will get some video up of him soon. I hope to get video at some point from the other pup owners, all have had their pups on stock and all are keen.

If Bracken and Star are  ready i may try and get some training in late this spring before we lamb. I like to let the ranch work train the pup as much as i can.  Mint was so full of herself and so much dog that i mostly did ranch work with her for the first year of her training. She also did a fair amount of catle work on the range. I think i could have trained her up much faster for trials, but i did not want to take too much out of her.

 In starting them on ranch work, the sheep and the work teach the dog. I am not a very good trainer so if i can let the work sort the dog it helps me train, and i get to see if the pup will be the kind of dog i like for the ranch and trial field.

Bracken (Mint x Rye) 8 mo. from Elizabeth Baker on Vimeo.

Gin (Mint x Rye) at 8 mo. from Elizabeth Baker on Vimeo.

Gin (Mint x Rye) at 8 mo on the large flock from Elizabeth Baker on Vimeo.

Bracken (Mint x Rye) at 8 mo on large flock from Elizabeth Baker on Vimeo.

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