Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Star pup and Mint

This is Star aka Tarman he is the boy pup i kept from my Mint X Rye( E Bakers) Rye really stamps his pups but I can see his mom in this one.  It has been tough to get a pic of him cuz he is busy! The 2nd pic is his happy face. This pup was a lil quirky and that is one reason i kept him. He is less stubborn than the bitch pup i kept(Braken) but he not as bonded to me. Mint did not really bond to me until i took her to sheep and the more i took her to work the more she became "my" dog. All 6 pups from that litter are turned on to sheep so will see how they progress.

This is Mint working today. I have some replacement spring ewe lambs that i don't breed and that is what i use to train on in the winter. My other replacement ewe lambs are fall lambs and they are being breed. These are May born Targhee lambs coming off of dry land. Not much to look at now, but the breeder( Judy Scanlan) is in NSIP and has some of the nicest Targhees in the country. By the time these are breed they are beautiful.  The 2nd pic this bigger lamb was a real pill,  Mint walked her up backwards for a few steps and she went on her way.

 When i can i I have been working Mint several times a day. She has really made some amazing progress this past month. Last weekend we trialed in a small local trial. It was on rather spoiled( not complaining just a description) North Country Cheviots. From a sheep producer side they were lovely ewes, but from a dog trial stand point then were running fools! I ran last as Mint is in stranding heat.  She was flagging for a dog INSIDE the cab of a truck, while she was on the ground. I thought the sheep would not care for Mint as she has lot of pressence, so i knew she would need to stay well off of them.

I have really been working on the top of her outrun to make her deeper. She is not a dog who will be able to get away with a tight top. She did a lovely outrun and took my stop at the top. She then handled them well through  the course, and had a very nice pen to win the class.

I am very pleased with how she is handling trial pressure. I love so many things about this bitch, but she has been a handful to gear down for trialing. She has been able to do very difficult ranch work( mobs of sheep and cattle and long days) from a very young age, but she has needed a lot of it to get her where she is today. Trial dog or no i love and respect this lil dawg and she is teaching me so much.


  1. I love the Tarman's photos (especially his happy face) and the background you have chosen for the blog is perfect (with the birds). Welcome to blogging! ;-)

  2. Thanks Billy i was not sure i could do but i am figuring it out :)

  3. This is Looking good and Oh .................
    I have sheep envy :@)

  4. Thanks Candy :) I am shocked i got it set up i am so not tec savy...still trying to figure some things out


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