Thursday, January 13, 2011

confessions of a mud room dryer

What is on top of your dryer right now? Our washer and dryer is in our mud room, the room you come to first when you come in the back door. At our house the mud room could be twice as big, but back to the dryer.

It was pouring rain today onto frozen ground and it was a mess outside. After we feed sheep, did chores and got the kids to school, I thought the nasty weather was a sign I should stay inside and clean the house. I guess i don't get the "sign" as often as should as you will read later.

The last room I clean is the mud room. I got to the dryer and had to laugh out loud. My dogs are used to this when nobody else is home. On top of the dryer this fine rainy day was the usual assortment of gloves, and winter hats in all sizes and colors.

Then came the manual for Chevy trucks 1988-1998. Fence insulators for eclectic fence and a electric fence charger manual. A real paw from a mountain lion. I have asked my husband what his plans are for the paw, but I have learned to not ask such things more than once or you will pull your hair out.

Next layer on the dryer. I small can of pepper spray and a 12 oz bottle of straight capsicum ( this is the stuff that puts the HOT in pepper spay)..yup a whole bottle on the dryer.
Tools, a dog leash, pocket knife, headband with light on it, and last but not least a thermometer with ANIMAL written across the front. There is a good reason for a label on all thermometers in our house.

Last May when we lambed the weather was awful. I am talking 40 deg and driving rain for almost the entire lambing. Brutal. Many lambs were brought in to the mud room to be warmed and then sent back out to their moms. It was a hectic time and a few things got missed.

A few weeks after lambing our son James got sick with an ear infection. I went to take his temp and found 2 thermometers in the junk drawer, they looked identical. I asked Marty if he knew which one was the lamb thermometer and he said “ummm nooooo.”
Not to worry we didn’t use either one young James and we learned to mark the animal thermometer with a label that can not be missed.

Now I am not the best house cleaner, but I clean that dryer off on a regular bases. I like to think i did not know some of these things were on the dryer as the gloves and hates multiply at night. You don't even want to know what is in the cabinets in the mud room :) good thing it is sunny here 300 days a year, i bet i could find lots more cool stuff if we had more rainy days.  So what is on your dryer today?


  1. A box of fabric softener sheets. That's about it. I lead such a dull life.

    You could be the female version of Baxter Black, if you keep on cranking out real-life stories like this one. You could even give up the day job.

  2. I, too, am a boring person. However, I bet my van could tell stories....and my husband and his crew shudder when my van comes in for detailing :)

    ps....send me Bracken...amen

  3. Cat food and water bowls.
    Oh, yeah, they are not on the dryer but we have our thermometers marked "Dog" and "People" too!

  4. Lora i bet the van has some "special" items now and then :) we all will have more fun stuff on the dryer or in the mud room when lambing starts i bet.