Sunday, January 9, 2011

The city and the country

When Marty and i retired from police work with the Portland Police Bureau ( 30 years for him 19 for me) We spent many long hours discussing where we should raise our 2 children.  Even thou we worked in Portland we lived on our small sheep farm in Sandy.

The city. Great private Catholic schools, with access to the best of arts, music and sports.  Eclectic people, cultures, food and politics.  Some very good friends whom we love dearly.

The country.  Knowing your neighbors,  leaving your doors unlocked and the work ethic that comes with living on a working ranch.  Fresh air, animals and room to roam.

The country won, and 3.5 years ago we moved to southern Oregon and bought a ranch outside of  a very small town on the OR/CA border.  We raise fine wool sheep and working Border Collies( more on the sheep and the dogs in a later post) For now my kids are too young to think they are "missing" anything by not living in the city.

We believe they are missing some experiences that Marty and i think are important for them to grow up to be the well rounded citizens we hope they will someday become.  The older the kids get we want to make it more and more of a priority to take them to the "city". For us that is Portland( 6 hours) and Seattle(9, 10 hours. ) As time goes on we hope that the list of cities to visit will grow too.

I love Pdx and it will always be my favorite city. My brother and his family live in Seattle so that makes it even more important to visit. Marty also has family in Seattle with kids in our kids age range and we are looking forward to getting to know them better.

Trips always include lots of love from friends and family and making sure our kids keep that connection to some of  the people that we love.  We always try to go on an adventure that we can't experience at home.  The pdx zoo, and kids museum.  In Seattle The space needle, aquatic center, science center and ridding the train to so many fun places. New food and new people.  I am guessing as the kids grow the adventure will change.  On  a recent trip our son James was very impressed with the Trail Blazers stadium in Portland and wants to go to a Seahawks game.

I miss some things about the city. The great food, the diversity and the raw energy of a city. The handful of people who still live there that I have known me my entire adult life and whom i love and trust. But i think we made the right choice for us when we choose the country. We love watching our kids pull new born lambs,  ride their bikes/atv's to trail sheep, and help build fence and doctor animals.  I envy some of things my friends do with their kids in the city, and they feel they same about some of the experiences  my kids have in the country. Neither place is "better" just different choices.

I am also very grateful that we can take the kids to the city. We dream that at least one of our children will retain the love for  sheep, ranching or agriculture, but if they don't we want to let them experience as much of what "else" is out "there" as we can.  Then they will be able follow their own dreams where ever that may lead them.


  1. Love This! I so agree about exposing our country kids to what the cities have to offer!

  2. I think country kids can grow up & adapt to the city better than city kids can adapt to the country. The great food and energy that you miss in the city is not something kids miss until they are much much older. :-) And in this age of internet, I think it is easier to expose them to diversity(in a few years).
    Keep up the great job Lana!

  3. I am going to enjoy reading your blog and look forward to more!

  4. Very well put... and I agree with you completely..Im glad that we made the choice we did as well. I must admit, like you I miss the city, the culture, the open mindness, the energy, but like you, we visit often, and its always oh so nice to come back..Thats a beautiful picture of your city..makes me yearn for our upcoming big city trip..BTW..Your blog is coming along beautifully..